Fredericton Bathurst

New Brunswick Owl Survey

First year MCFT students wrapped up their second of two nocturnal owl survey sessions last night at around 10:00pm.  The New Brunswick Nocturnal Owl Survey is organized by Bird Studies Canada (BSC) and the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources (NB-DNR), and functions because of the efforts of volunteer surveyors across the province.

Broadcasting owl calls

The survey involves...

Winter Wildlife Camp 2016

Fish & Wildlife students are back into regular classes after another successful winter camp at Fundy National Park in Alma, New Brunswick.  Each year, through the collaborative partnership the college maintains with Fundy National Park, wildlife students spend 5 days at the Fundy Outfitters lodge just north of Alma doing a variety of different activities geared around wildlife research and data...

Non-Timber Forest Products - Intro to woodturning

2nd year students are introduced to the art of woodturning as part of the Non-Timber Forest Products course. 

Woodturning is the process of spinning wood in a lathe and shaping it to the desired specifications using specialized handtools.  This method of wood working is used to create a variety of functional and decorative wood pieces.

Guest speaker Andrew Ross, a wood turner from...

Urban Forestry - Gear demonstration and climbing

On February 16th the city of Fredericton’s Parks and Trees department once again welcomed the second-year MCFT class to a demonstration of some of the techniques and equipment they use in the workplace.  

The lab was a component of the Urban Forestry course, which aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to design and manage an urban or residential property for a...

Non-Timber Forest Products

Each year at MCFT the second year students put on a wild foods lab as part of their non-timber forest products (NTFP) course.  The aim of the NTFP course is to explore the many different forest products of plant or animal origin other than timber and firewood, and to highlight the issues surrounding their development. 

The wild foods lab involves preparing food and drink made from forest...