Fredericton Bathurst

Forest Ranger Summer Camp

Are you ready for an amazing summer adventure?! Register NOW for MCFT’s Forest Ranger summer camps.

Why choose our camps?

Each camp week is designed as a safe and positive learning environment to discover our natural surroundings and the importance of them. We will get our boots dirty learning about nature from forests to fish, wildlife and natural resource management. Nobody can appreciate the great and wild outdoors from inside so we will be out adventuring every day! Our professional staff are extremely knowledgeable and well-trained.

What camps are offered?

June 26 - July 5  Lead Paddler

  • For ages 15+ with a maximum of 12 seats. $1300

Interested in canoeing, camping and outdoor adventure? This 10 day overnight camp will include a canoe tripping adventure along historical routes of NB. We’ll practice our outdoor cooking, survival skills, navigation and much much more.

July10-14, July 17-21 and July 24-28 Junior Forest Rangers

  • For ages 9-12,  $200 *day camp*

Wilderness Waters
Are you croaking for some wetland exploration? Decidedly duck-ed out in your rain boots and explorer hat? We’ll be canoeing, critter dipping, swimming, fishing and making turtley cool friends.

Wildlife Warriors
Whoo is ready to go on a wildlife safari? Do you deer to dream about tracking down the elusive wild baloney? We’ll be learning wildlife survey techniques, tracking, canoeing, establishing nest boxes and more fun than you can bear

Wild Rangers
Forest Rangers to the rescue! Help us fight a *forest fire, make a trail, rescue *lost hikers, plant a tree and top it all with a Lumberjack competition!

August 7-11 Junior Ranger Day Camp Program

  • For ages 6-8 with a maximum of 15 seats $35/day or $150/week

Each themed day we will explore the world around us while learning about:

Monday: Wild About Wetlands

Tuesday: From Bats to Birds

Wednesday: Fascinating Fish

Thursday: Tall Trees

Friday: We, the Lumberjacks/jills

For registration info email: 

August 7-11 Senior Ranger Camp

  • For ages 13+ with a maximum of 25 seats. $450

Considering a career in natural resources? This week-long residential (yes, staying in residence!) camp will give you an idea of the various fields out there. From wildfire fighting, logging, conservation officer, to being a field technician or champion lumberjack. You’ll have a chance to try it all.


1. Print off the registration information and forms
2. Fill in the forms (one for each child)  and choose your desired week(s)
3. Return the completed forms to MCFT 1350 Regent Street, Fredericton NB E3C 2G6 (Attn: Michelle Evans) and arrange full-payment with Loretta Phillips (506) 458-0643 or

  • Registration forms can be mailed, dropped off or emailed to


2017 Forest Ranger Camp Registration

2017 Forest Ranger Camp Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will my Ranger be fed throughout the day?

  • Your ranger is expected to arrive each day with enough food/water provided for them by their parent/guardian. Please keep in mind  that we will be very active and will have both morning and afternoon snack breaks.

2. Can I give my ranger money to have them purchase food/meals from the cafeteria or restaurant?

  • We will be on the go every day and cannot guarantee availability of this. Please ensure your Ranger has a packed lunch and snacks each day.

3. Will there be a lifeguard present during all swimming activities?

  • Yes. Swimming will take place at supervised beaches (ie. Mactaquac Provincial Park).

4. How will safety around water be ensured during water related activities?

  • Rangers are required to wear PFD’s (personal flotation devices) during all canoeing and boating activities. These will be provided, although if you have your own you are encouraged to bring it.

5. May I register my Ranger for more than one week?

  • Of course! Depending on the age of you ranger they can be registered for as many weeks as they would like.

6. How will my Ranger be supervised?

  • Rangers will be supervised by the camp leaders, MCFT instructors, and graduates. All are experienced working with youth and have wilderness first aid training and a criminal record check.

7. How will my ranger be transported on field trips?

  • Rangers will be transported in new passenger buses or company trucks. Our vehicles go through a bi-annual Motor Vehicle Inspection, have a pre-trip inspection preformed every day prior to use, and are operated by licensed drivers. We adhere to all the appropriate Department of Motor Vehicle regulations. A chartered bus service may also be used.

8. What will my ranger need to bring to camp? (More information to follow for Lead Paddler and Senior Rangers)

  • Hat, water bottle, lunch, snacks, drinks, sunscreen and bug spray (*labeled for personal use), change of clothes, rain jacket and pants, backpack, indoor footwear, outdoor footwear, towel, swimsuit.Theme specific items such as PFD (provided if without) and fishing rod/tackle

9. Where do I drop off my Ranger?

Please drop-off your Ranger in the student parking of MCFT. There will be signs out to show you the way! Park in the parking lot and follow the green arrows to the MCFT doors.