Fredericton Bathurst

Admissions - Forest Technology Program

MCFT bases admission decisions on a variety of factors.  The first and most important of these factors are entrance requirements or courses from high school.  Academic level courses or college and university prep courses are required. Math, Biology, and English  are the three key course requirements from high school. 

A minimum average of 65% is needed in all courses. Upon review of the high school courses and the minimum average is achieved the admissions office will look at experience within the natural resource sector or equivalent,
and finally the personal statement that each applicant is required to fill out on their admissions forms.

Prospective students are asked to fill out the application in its entirety before submitting and include all applicable documents. Limited seating each year makes for a competitive environment; therefore, attention to detail is essential.  Although we do not make the overall decisions on acceptance until March it is highly recommended that applications are received early in your last year of high school in order to be sure that all documentation is received to complete your application process.

Applications will be responded to in a timely manner. If you have any questions regarding the application process for the Forest Technology program please contact us toll free at 866 619 9900 or my email at Be sure to clearly state which program you are interested in when you contact MCFT

The Forest Technology program begins each September. 

Admissions - Utility Arborist Program

Admission into the Utility Arborist program differ than that of the Forest Technology program [Requirements]Please note. Consideration into the Utility Arborist program will be give to those applicants who are categorized as mature and have applicable experince. This is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. A mature student is defined as 25 years of age and older. 

Application Process - Utility Arborist Program

1. You can send your completed application and résumé to the address below or omplete the online application and be sure to attach your résumé . Submit an official transcript of your high school grades by fax 506-458-0679, by email or by mail to:

Maritime College of Forest Technology
Utility Arborist Program
1350 Regent Street
Fredericton, NB
E3C 2G6

2. Conduct Height Anxiety Testing - pole climbing at the New Brunswick Power Training Facility in Marysville, NB (near Fredericton). Testing will be arranged by program coordinators. 

3. Conduct a medical and physical testing.

4. Interview with program coordinators.

Applications will be responded to in a timely manner, and we will be contacting you if you are selected for testing and an interview. If you have any questions about the application process or the program in general, please contact us toll free at 866 619 9900 or by email at Be sure to clearly indicate which program you are interested in when you contact MCFT. 

Next Utility Arborist class begins January 2019