Fredericton Bathurst

2012 Pond Hockey Tournament

It was a crisp winter morning and students began the short hike from Residence to the venue site in front of the college. This ice was mirror-like, shovels set aside for periodic Zamboni cleaning and the nets placed at either end of the pond. Skates tied up, and for some one-piece long johns was the team uniform of choice. It was time to get started......

The student from MCFT held the 2nd Annual Pond Hockey Tournament at the college. The event which started with a small group of students has gained popularity since its inception last year.  This year, 14 teams suited up included were current students, Alumni and friends. Approximately 70 people were in attendance for the one day event. Teams and attendees traveled from as far as Antigonish over to the Valley (Nova Scotia) and from the greater Fredericton area to suit up for the event.

Coming out on top was a team of first year MCFT students who at the time of this post went by the name “Unknowns”. The three person team (Sandy Sutherland, Jacob Williams and Doug Armstrong) beat up on the favourites “Tompkins Smashers” (Ian Manning, Tom Patriquin and Blake Hayes) in the final by a score of 10 – 7.

The menacing looking group in this picture was Team # 3 (Pat DesRoches, Jason Smith and Chris Glode). Unable to overcome a slow start Team # 3  kept it together until the end and was able to find a little time to pose for this shot before heading home for some much needed sleep.


And for the “where’s my team at” picture of the day......Matt not so frantically searches for the two other “Ladybugs” (Sarah Weatherby and Adam Tompkins) that made up his team.