Fredericton Bathurst

2012 Winter Wildlife Camp

In the winter of 2012 the graduates of that year’s Advanced Fish &Wildlife Diploma program took part in a weeklong Winter Wildlife Camp near Fundy National Park, NB. The very first night the students sleep in a shelter that they set up on a site that they had suitably prepared. Pictured below are Tom Lutz (facing camera) Matt Allen and Ian Smith.

Another of the main events during their stay at camp was taking part in Aerial Moose Surveys.  Aided by services from Canadian Helicopters, students and Park Wardens from Fundy National Park were lifted into the air via helicopter to aid in obtaining an accurate representation of that areas moose population.

The photos below include Kirsten Campbell, graduate from the Advanced Diploma Program in 2012 and an aerial view of the National Park and Poley Mountain.