Fredericton Bathurst

A Life of True Grime

Sorry Mom and Dad…your life here at MCFT has now been SOILED!! 

Today was the first day of the rest of your life where you will look at the dirt under our feet as something a bit more magical than before. Never again will you think of the phrase “ a stick in the mud” as being boring!

Grab a handful of dirt. Texture the soil between your thumb and index finger. It’s been so bone dry here that added water was necessary. Although usually in the woods you just need to “spit on it and rub it hard” -Gareth

Once your cast is at dog poo consistency what is the first texture you look for? Sand. Excellent. Can you feel the particles? Is it more than 75% sand? 

How do you test for clay content? Make sculptures? Not quite. 

The last one is the most tricky. Test the soil for silt. Just JOKING. We can’t feel it, although apparently if you lick the sample you can feel silt on your tongue. Nobody was willing to try this year though. 

Congratulations you are now a burgeoning soils expert! Don’t forget to write everything down in your field book. Yes, this lab is for marks.