Fredericton Bathurst


Many people have surely noticed the drastic difference in appearance of the Arboretum. The ongoing redesign project to update the Arboretum was spearheaded this past summer (2011) by Laurie Yeates, and Kenny McGinn in conjunction with many other helpers/contributors. Developments so far include, but are not limited to winding pathways through a well maintained area, newly planted trees as well as a few stone benches.

The collaborative goal of the Canadian Forest Service and the Maritime College of Forest Technology is to create an aesthetically pleasing area to serve as a place to both learn and take a well deserved break from the day. Future construction of a gazebo and the establishment of various species of shrubbery and ground vegetation will create a continuity between Acadian forest types and others that will highlight the diversity of the environment, including plants that are commonly used within First Nations.

It is the intention that future classes from MCFT will plant a tree each year upon graduation in the Arboretum. Having children from the community come and get their hands dirty is another aspiration, thereby exposing more generations to nature and encouraging community involvement. Walking around the arboretum will be aided by signs, including a map and helpful methods to identify various species of trees.