Fredericton Bathurst

Fish and Wildlife

This year’s Fish and Wildlife Camp began on August 22nd 2011. After choosing to take the Advanced Diploma program while in the second semester of the first year, Fish and Wildlife students attend a two week long camp which focuses on a variety of Fish and Wildlife related studies.

Some areas of study include Stream and Lake Survey and Sampling, Electrofishing, Wetland Ecology and Management, Flat-Water Canoeing and, as seen above, Duck Banding.

In order to complete the Advanced Diploma in Fish and Wildlife students are also required to obtain certification in Trapper Education, Bowhunter Education, ATV and Snowmobile Safety and Maintenance, as well as Firearm and Helicopter Safety. These non-MCFT courses, among others, can be taken prior to attendance at MCFT or are offered through appropriate organizations on campus.

Other required courses in the Advanced Fish and Wildlife program include but are not limited to Fish and Wildlife Management, Fish and Wildlife Ecology, and Wildlife Winter Field Camp.