Fredericton Bathurst

Welcome back to classes!

Another year is now underway at MCFT…

MCFT would like to welcome back new and returning students for another exciting year. We hope our returning second year students learned a great deal from their summer work practicums and are ready to dive into their final year. First year students; don’t be afraid to get involved. The Swamp Donkeys Hockey Team is looking for new recruits. There is also a basketball team in the works. Sign-up sheets are posted on the bulletin board outside your classroom. If you are interested in archery, the MCFT Bow Benders Club is meeting this Thursday, September 12th, 7pm in the Strickland building. Tryouts are also underway this week for the Woodsmen Team.  

Good luck! 

On another note, has anyone seen all the Canada Geese in the pond?  The fish and wildlife class is currently baiting the front lawn in hopes to attract geese in order to band them. They plan on live capturing the geese by using the cannon net. Apparently, it’s a one shot deal.  Good luck gang!