Fredericton Bathurst

Wildlife Students - Projects

If you were to take a walk through the MCFT wildlife lab the first thing that you would notice is that there are a lot of skulls, bones, and skeletons.  Thanks to the MCFT class of 2016 there is one more skeleton to add to the collection.  As part of the Advanced Fish and Wildlife program, students are required to prepare a number of skeletons, skulls, and jaws for presentation.  Projects include the preparation and presentation of:

1) Small mammal skulls
2) Large mammal skulls (Check out our November 30th post for pictures!)
3) Small Skeletons
4) Deer Jaw Rings
5) Moose Jaw Rings
6) Class skeleton

The class skeleton project usually involves the assembly of a larger New Brunswick mammal.  Although this black bear skeleton has been at the college for a while, it was due for a revamped assembly, stand, and pose.  For the time being it sits beside the white-tailed deer and African lion skeletons completed in years past.  Check out the photos: 

Black Bear

White-tailed Deer

African Lion

Jaw Ring

Occasionally growth abnormalities are encountered in deer and moose jaws.  Here are two examples of some common abnormalities.  

This moose jaw is missing the first tooth on the left side.  

Deer abnormality