Fredericton Bathurst


MCFT Woodsmen Team

The MCFT intercollegiate woodsmen teams compete in Canadian Intercollegiate Lumberjacking Association (CILA) events across the Maritimes.  Students undergo formal tryouts for the Men's and Women's A and B teams, and specialize in one of a number of specific events.  Depending on their finishes it's also possible that the team travels into Maine.  There are a number of different events students can compete in, including crosscut saw, pole climb, kettle boil, pulp throw, standing block chop, single buck, axe throw, log decking, and more.  

Swamp Donkeys Hockey

The MCFT Swamp Donkeys hockey team was started in 2004 and has been a big addition to recreation at the college.  There are no formal tryouts, and anyone who wants to join can join.  The team competes in the University of New Brunswick (UNB) Intramural Hockey League, and play games at various arenas across Fredericton.  When it isn't game time, the team and other students can be found playing pond hockey on the two frozen ponds on campus.  Each year the MCFT team faces off against the UNB Forestry team in a best of 7 series, dubbed "The Forestry Cup."  It is not uncommon for students to bring their parents and siblings to this event.  

Legaseed Club

The Legaseed Project has 3 objectives:

1) To learn how to propagate nut bearing plants from seed, and apply their knowledge by collecting, storing, sprouting, and transplanting a diverse set of species.

2) Collaborate with students and teachers in the college, affiliated organizations, and experts in the field outside of the college setting to seek out demonstrations of successful practices. 

3) To apply their knowledge and learn through direct experience by transplanting our species into the college’s Kingsclear woodlot.

Ultimately, the group wishes to provide a living legacy for future Forest Technologists coming to the college.  In attempting to do so, the group can learn where to find viable and productive seed sources, how to prepare them over-winter to optimize for successful sprouting, and discover what techniques and tools will facilitate fruitful transplanting and growth within an existing woodlot.

This past year Legaseed has organized 3 field trips, planted 30 trees and direct seeded 300+, and sprouted over 500 seedlings.  In the fall of 2017 they will be planting out a NB Nature Trust Preserve with the intention of establishing a seed tree bank and experimenting with under-planting and releasing seedlings in established forested stands.

- Adrian Martynkiw

Legaseed Founder


Fitness Facilities

All students attending MCFT have access to the fitness facilities located in Torunski Hall Residence.