Fredericton Bathurst

Equipment Required

Field work is required in all seasons and in all types of weather. Suitable personal equipment and clothing is required for all field work including:

  • Safety footwear (steel-toed), should have wet and dry weather boots.
  • Chainsaw boots
  • CSA approved hard hat
  • Hard hat liner
  • CSA approved safety glasses
  • Ear protection
  • High visibility cruising vest 
  • Rain suit
  • Snowshoes
  • Carbon steel knife
  • Dissection Kit
  • Nexus 15 TDCL Elite Compassor or Suunto MC-2D Navigator Compass

All equipment can be purchased on registration day. BAP Equipment sets up shop at the college and provides students with all gear that is needed. A starter kit can be purchased from BAP the day of registration; the kit includes a high visibility vest, required compass, Fox 40 whistle, photo case, 20x hand lense, and a 15 cm Staedtler Map Scale.

High visibility cruising vest are to be purchased at the college on registration day. These vests are custom made by BAP and provide protection and space for MCFT issued field equipment. 

It is not essential to buy snowshoes prior to the winter months. They may be purchased only when needed. 

Below is an approximate cost for the above equipment and gear:



Safety Footwear


Chainsaw Boots



$ 60

Hard Hat (ratchet adjuster)

$ 40

Hard Hat Liner

$ 8

Safety Glasses

$ 10

Ear Protection (clip-on)

$ 25

High Visibility Cruising Vest

$ 70

Rain Suit

$ 60

Carbon Steel Knife

$ 40



Dissection Kit