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August 14th 2017 - Update

Greetings Mooser's of North America!

Only a short two weeks before your arrival at the Keltic Lodge in spectacular Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  We are looking forward to your arrival on Monday 28 August.

The final "touches" to the program are happening this week, in anticipation of your arrival.  More than 35 presentations are scheduled during the conference and workshop on a wide range of topics pertaining to that magnificent mega-fauna....Alces Alces.  I'm confident you will find the topics interesting and informative.

A few final reminders.....

1.    If you haven't registered yet....then PLEASE do so this week.  We need firm numbers for planning the banquet, field trip and other incidentals.  Call or email Jackie Taker at the Maritime College of Forest Technology pronto.  Her email:   Telephone:  506.458.0640

Although there is an option to register upon arrival, we will not be able to process credit or debit will be cash or cheque only.

2.    Don't forget to bring a unique item from your "neck of the continent" for the silent auction to be held during the banquet on Wednesday evening, 30 August.

3.    The weather will be don't forget your cameras.  But be prepared for fog, rain and wind....just in case.  Sturdy hiking shoes for the field trip are suggested.  Bugs should be minimal, but we will have some deterrents on hand, just in case.

4.     The Keltic Lodge is booked up solid.  If you have a spare bed in your room/suite, and are willing to share with another Mooser then please let me know, just in case we have some last-minute bookings for delegates.  My email:  Tel/Text:  506.470.5121

5.     Presenters....please have your presentations loaded on a USB drive.  Also, if you need internet access for your presentation, the signal can be spotty in this part of the prepared and load it on the USB drive too. 

6.     Shuttle service from and to Halifax International Airport is being finalized.  If you haven't contacted me to reserve a space on the mini-bus then do so pronto.  Pick up will be at the arrivals door of the airport between noon and 1:00pm on Monday 28 August.  Look for the mini-bus with the Maritime College of Forest Technology can't miss it.  On your day of travel, please advise me of any delays by calling or texting my cell:  506.470.5121.   Remember, it will be about a 4.5 hour bus ride to the Keltic Lodge from the airport.  Don't be late for the pick up.

Graham and I are looking forward to hosting you for the 51st NAMC.

Cheers and safe travels.

- Gerry


August 6th 2017 - Update

Tentative Agenda for the 51st North American Moose Conference & Workshop

Mooser’s of North America…and beyond:

Please note the items contained in this tentative agenda for the upcoming 51st NAMC to be held at the Keltic Lodge, Ingonish, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia….. 28 August to 01 September.

If you haven’t already done so….. PLEASE REGISTER ASAP by contacting Jackie Taker at the Maritime College of Forest Technology:    Telephone:  506.458.0640

If you need a shuttle pickup from Halifax International Airport on Monday 28 August departing 1:00pm [13:00 hrs] Atlantic Standard time, please contact:    Tel: 506.470.5121

Travel day for participants/delegates
2:00 pm – 6:30 pm  REGISTRATION [Ceilidh Hall, Keltic Lodge, Ingonish]
- Registration package/receipts available to pre-registered delegates
7:00 pm – 11:00 pm  “ICEBREAKER” Meet and Greet  [Ceilidh Hall]
- Light snacks with cash bar and local music

TUESDAY 29 AUGUST [Ceilidh Hall]
08:30 am Opening remarks and welcome to 51st NAMC & Workshop
- Registration desk opens at 08:00am

Moose Habitat Use & Assessment [Moderator: TBD]
09:00 Home ranges and habitat selection of moose in northwestern North Dakota, USA - James Maskey
09:25 Climate and land use inform range expansion of a large boreal herbivore in a novel agro-ecosystem – Mike Laforge
09:50 Resource selection by cow moose across a gradient of clear-cut intensities in central British Columbia – Matt Scheiderman
10:15 Coffee and Refreshment Break
10:35 Anthropogenic linear features alter moose and wolf distributions, thereby increasing risk for threatened boreal caribou – Matthew Mumma
11:00 Determining factors affecting moose population change in British Columbia: Testing a landscape change hypothesis – Becky Cadsand
11:25 Estimating the nutritional carrying capacity of moose in Adirondack Park, NY – Samuel Peterson
11:50 Status and management of Vermont moose – Cedric Alexander
12:15 LUNCH…. On your own

Moose Population Assessment & Dynamics [Moderator TBD]
1:30 Assessing mortality and productivity of moose in northern Vermont: Year 1 preliminary data – Jacob DeBow
1:55 Status and trends of Minnesota’s moose populations, 2017 – Glen DelGiudice
2:20 Moose [Alces, Tuktuvak] co-management within the Labrador Inuit Settlement Area – Jamie Snook
2:45 Aerial thermal moose survey of selected areas of mainland Nova Scotia and North River, Cape Breton Island – Thomas Millette
3:10 Refreshment Break
3:30 The burgeoning moose population of Isle Royale – Mark Romanski
3:55 Moose availability increases cohesion in a social carnivore – Sana Zabihi-Seissan
4:20 Using adult female moose behavior to estimate cause-specific mortality and annual survival of calves – Tyler Obermoller
4:45 Population ecology of Utah Moose – Sam Robertson
5:10 DINNER… On your own
7:30 Field Trip Primer… [Ceilidh Hall]
Bring back the boreal:  initiating hyperabundant moose management and restoration of boreal forest in Cape Breton Highlands National Park – Derek Quann
Those planning to go on the field trip into Cape Breton Highlands National Park on Wednesday should attend, but everyone is welcome

WEDNESDAY 30 AUGUST Field Trip [all day]  Banquet [evening]
08:00 Field Trip into Cape Breton Highlands National Park to examine the ecological impacts of moose and discuss population management strategies and ideas.
- Meet the buses outside of Ceilidh Hall for an 08:15 departure
- Pick up your bag lunches prior to departure at the restaurant across from Ceilidh Hall
- There will be several stops along the way for viewing [photos] and discussion of moose impacts on the boreal landscape.
- Bring sturdy shoes/boots since there will be some hiking involved.
- Weather can be variable and unpredictable in the highlands, so be prepared for wind and moisture.
5:00 Return to Keltic Lodge

6:30 – 10:00pm CEILIDH HALL    BANQUET– Entertainment –
- Silent Auction – ALCES Awards/Presentations
- Cash bar mixer starts at 6:30pm
- Banquet dinner commences at 7:00pm
- Entertainment commences around 8:00pm
- Silent Auction and Awards/Presentations commence around 8:30pm

THURSDAY 31 AUGUST  [Ceilidh Hall]
Registration desk opens at 08:00am

Moose Health [Moderator TBD]
08:30 Using molecular approaches to investigate moose health in a changing environment – Jason Ferrante
08:55 Winter tick epizootics in northern New England: Influences of climate change, habitat, and moose density – Pete Pekins
09:20 Using agent-based modelling to explore potential relationships among moose density, winter tick epizootics, and forest harvesting techniques in New Hampshire and Maine – Christine Healy
09:45 Winter ticks and survival of calf moose in northern New Hampshire:  A reprieve in 2017 – Daniel Ellingwood
10:05 Coffee and Refreshment Break
10:30 Causes of moose deaths in Minnesota: 2013 to 2017 – Michelle Carstensen
10:55 [TBD….moose health issues from Maine]
11:20 Moose survey in Fundy National park, New Brunswick:  A training partnership with the Maritime College of Forest Technology while providing information for the Park’s ecological monitoring program – Alain Caissie
11:45 morning session ends

12:00 - 12:45  ALCES Business Luncheon [Ceilidh Hall]
- Complimentary lunch
- All registered delegates are encouraged to attend and participate

Workshop on Moose Hyper-Abundance Issues [Moderator:  Dr. Graham Forbes]
Invited Speakers:
1:30 Recovery or transition to alternate stable states:  Lessons from  20 years of fencing in eastern Newfoundland – Luise Hermanutz
2:05 Overview of hyper-abundant species management in Canada’s National Parks – Kirby Tulk
2:40 Netukulimk-Mi’kmaq Partnership in Cape Breton Moose Management – Eric Zscheile / Clifford Paul
3:15 Refreshment Break
3:35 Using population simulation models to understand hyper-abundant moose management options – Ron Moen
4:10 Effects of hyper-abundant moose on stream ecosystem functioning in Cape Breton Highlands National Park – Jessica MacSween
4:35 Using satellite imagery to measure the impact of a hyper-abundant moose population in northern Cape Breton – Matt Smith
5:00 Session ends

DINNER….. on your own

7:00 – 8:00pm Ceilidh Hall
Discussion panel [TBA] on hyper-abundant moose issues
- Open to the public

FRIDAY 01 SEPTEMBER  [Ceilidh Hall]

Moose Hyper-Abundance [continued]  [Moderator: TBA]
08:30 Balsam fir architecture as an index to moose effects on growth and recruitment – Antoine Boudreau LeBlanc
8:55 Evolution of the Forillon National Park moose population:  Issues and challenges – Daniel Sigouin
9:20 High moose densities change initial floristic composition following logging operations – Laurent De Vriendt
9:45 You’ve been served:  Adaptively managing crop damage by moose – Lee Kantar
10:10 Successful population reduction of hyper-abundant moose in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland – Tom Knight
10:35  Conference Wrap-Up…. Final words and travel information

10:45 – 11:15 Poster Session
- The moose information system:  Moose monitoring tools for indigenous communities – Jesse Popp
- Characterization of blood profiles in free-ranging moose in Minnesota – Lauren Lenello

11:30 Lunch…. On your own…. Check-Out

1:00 Mini-Bus Shuttle Service to Halifax


08:00 Final mini-bus shuttles to Halifax [if required]


July 5th 2017


This is the third and final "Call for Papers" for the upcoming conference, to he held in beautiful Cape Breton, Nova Scotia on 28 August through 01 September 2017.

The organizing committee would like to thank those who have already submitted titles and abstracts.

There is still room in the program for additional presentations!

If you would like to be part of the program of presentations then please submit your Title and Abstract to:

Dr. Graham Forbes [Co-Chair and Program Coordinator, 51st NAMC] at:


Also, please copy myself [] on correspondence to Dr. Forbes.

Thank you.  We are looking forward to a few more presentations.


Gerry Redmond


June 7th 2017


Fellow Moosers:

The 2017 North American Moose Conference organizing committee encourages you to make a presentation at the 51st North American Moose Conference & Workshop, scheduled for 28 August – 01 September at the Keltic Lodge, Ingonish in beautiful Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

Although the theme this year is “Hyper-abundant Moose Populations – Ecological Consequences and Management Strategies” we are welcoming all topics that deal with research and management of moose populations.

Please consider presenting your moose management and/or research topic at the upcoming conference!

Send a title and abstract of your presentation to Dr. Graham Forbes as soon as possible at:

Mr. Forbes has research commitments that will require him to be in the field periodically throughout the summer months, so please be sure to copy on all email correspondence.  

Please refer to the registration and accommodations information below.  

Register with Loretta Phillips as soon as possible:   506.458.0643

For more information please contact: Gerry Redmond       []       Cell / Text:  [506.470.5121]


April 20th 2017

The Maritime College of Forest Technology [MCFT] along with the NB Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit [UNB] and Parks Canada are hosting the 2017 North American Moose Conference & Workshop in Cape Breton this coming August.  This will be a unique opportunity for more than 100 organizations representing natural resources agencies, research facilities, educational institutions, and First Nations from across North America and Europe to come together and explore issues related to moose populations and management.


The event will be held at the Keltic Lodge, Ingonish, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia CANADA.  The organizing committee is pleased to have the privilege of hosting the 51st North American Moose Conference & Workshop in beautiful Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  The area offers spectacular coastal and inland mountain scenery and conference site is nestled next to Cape Breton Highlands National Park….one of Canada’s premiere ecological regions. 



28 August – 01 September 2017


1. Hyper-Abundant Moose Populations
2. Ecological Consequences and Management Strategies


Maritime College of Forest Technology
Parks Canada:  Cape Breton Highlands National Park
University of New Brunswick Wildlife Cooperative Unit


Gerry Redmond, Maritime College of Forest Technology, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Cell / Text:  506.470.5121



This year the theme is “Hyper-abundant Moose Populations…Ecological Consequences and Management Strategies.”  We invite presentations from students, managers and researchers on this theme or any other moose-related projects or research.  Poster presentations also are encouraged.  Presenters are asked to contact Dr. Graham Forbes [UNB] to ensure their presentation will be included in the conference proceedings.

Please prepare and forward an Abstract by 03 July 2017.

Dr. Graham Forbes:
Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, Faculty of Science
Director, NB Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
University of New Brunswick,  PO Box 4400,  28 Dineen Dr.
Fredericton, NB, Canada  E3B 5A3

Presenters are encouraged to submit their manuscripts to the journal ALCES for publication.  Details for submissions to ALCES can be found at:




Registration Costs:

[All costs are Canadian $$]
Full -   $150
Student -   $100
Day -  $100
Field Trip - $40 [includes lunch/transportation]
Banquet -  $55

Please pre-register as soon as possible by contacting:

Loretta Phillips, MCFT
Telephone:  506.458.0643

Methods of registration payment are:

VISA, Mastercard, Debit, Email Transfer available until noon Atlantic Standard time Thursday 24 August.

On-site registration will be available 28 August – 01 September [cash or cheque only]



The conference and workshop will be held at the Keltic Lodge, Ingonish, Nova Scotia.  Please make reservations as soon as possible since space is limited in late August.  When you book, mention ALCES or NAMC to access the reserved hotel rooms [double occupancy, breakfast included].  Please visit for more information.

Other accommodation options are available:

1.  Knotty Pine Chalets     10 pet-friendly cabins

2. Castle Rock Inn   16 standard hotel rooms [double occupancy, breakfast included]

3. Ingonish Chalets   10 pet friendly cabins and 5 standard motel rooms [some multi-bedroom cottages]

4. For other accommodation options in the Ingonish area please check the following link:

Please reserve your accommodations as soon as possible since this is a very popular summer travel destination area.


By Air….

The Robert L. Stanfield International Airport in Halifax, Nova Scotia is the Atlantic Canada hub for all domestic, regional and international air services.
Visit: for more on airlines and flight options

The J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport in Sydney, Nova Scotia has direct flights from Toronto and Halifax provided by Air Canada and WestJet.
Visit: for more information

By Car…

The Trans-Canada Highway 104 leads to Cape Breton Island.  Ingonish is 4.5 hours by car from the Halifax Stanfield International Airport.  From the J.A. Douglas McCurdy Sydney Airport is approximately 2 hours by car.

For additional travel information please check out:  and

If you are not planning to drive [or rent a vehicle] then the organizing committee may be able to arrange mini-bus shuttle service to and from Halifax International Airport.
Please contact Gerald Redmond at for details.

We look forward to hosting you in beautiful and rugged Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia this coming August!