Fredericton Bathurst

Tuition and Fees

Below are the costs for the 2018 - 2019 Forest Technology Diploma Program at MCFT.

Semester One (September to December)

Bedard Hall
Single Meals Books & Supplies Student Fees Tuition Totals
$2007.00 $2137.00 $408.00 $350.00 $2378.00 $7280.00
$1640.00 $6913.00
Torunski Hall
Single Meals Books & Supplies ¹Student Fees Tuition Totals
$2175.00 $2137.00 $408.00 $350.00 $2378.00 $7448.00

Semester Two (January to April)

Bedard Hall
Single Meals Books & Supplies ¹Student Fees Tuition Totals
$2007.00 $2137.00 $408.00 $350.00 $2378.00 $7280.00 + $100.00 Grad. Fees
$1640.00 $6913.00 + $100.00 Grad. Fees
Torunski Hall
Single Meals Books & Supplies ¹Student Fees Tuition Totals
$2175.00 $2075.00 $408.00 $350.00 $2378.00 $7448.00 + $100.00 Grad. Fees

¹ Graduating students (Semester 4) will be charged an additional $100.00 for student fees, total for fees will be $450.00 during semester 4. 
* International student tuition is $ 9512.00 per year.
* All fees are subject to change upon approval by the Board of Governors.
* Personal equipment and clothing are additional costs that will vary per student and are not included in total costs.

MCFT Advanced Diploma Cost

Below are the costs associated with the Advanced Diploma. Please note that these are costs in addition to the Forest Technology program. Fish & Wildlife Techniques I, II, III and IV are given in the second year of the program. If taking the Advanced Diploma you can apply to student loans for additional funds in the second year. The Professional Certifications can be taken in either your first or second year (dependant on delivery) but must be completed before receiving your Advanced Diploma, the costs are set by non-MCFT organizations and are subject to change.

Important: Students entering the Fish & Wildlife Advanced Diploma program are required to have the Pre-Rabies Vaccine. Approximate cost for the vaccine is estimated at $650.00. Students have the option to wait until 3rd Semester for this vaccine.

Tuition and Fees for the Advanced Diploma (cost over two years)

Professional Certifications (approximate) $1490.00
Fish & Wildlife Techniques I - Summer Field Camp $1741.50
Fish & Wildlife Techniques II $1385.00
Fish & Wildlife Techniques III $760.00
Fish & Wildlife Techniques IV $625.00
Total Fish & Wildlife $6001.50

Professional Certifications

Course Cost
*Wilderness & Remote First Aid $225.00
*Firearm Safety $75.00
*Restricted Firearm Safety $75.00
*Hunter Education $75.00
*Trapper Education $75.00
*Bowhunter Education $75.00
*Nuisance Wildlife Control $100.00
*Pleasurecraft Boating Course $50.00
ATV Safety and Maintenance $150.00
Snowmobile Safety and Maintenance $150.00
Helicopter Safety $175.00
Chainsaw Operation & Maintenance $265.00
Total over two years $1490.00

* Costs associated with Professional Certifications are set by outside organizations and may change without advance notice. 

Fish & Wildlife Techniques I

Summer Field Camp - Two weeks prior to start of regular classes

Tuition¹ $950.00
Books $190.00
Residence² $290.00 (Torunski Hall)
Meals³ $236.50
Lab Fees $75.00
TOTAL $1741.50

Note: Fish & Wildlife Techniques I starts a couple of weeks prior to the start of Third Semester. The $200 down payment made in January is applied to the above amount. Summer Camp tuition includes Electrofishing Certification and Canoeing Level 1

¹ Tuition includes Flatwater Canoeing and Backpack Electrofoshing Certifications.

² The cost for a single in Bedard Hall is $267.60 and a double in Bedard Hall is $218.65

³ Approximate costs for food while in the field for two weeks if living on campus. All students must pay a minimum of $60.00

International student tuition - Please add an additional $550.00

Fish & Wildlife Techniques II

Third Semester, September to December, 2nd Year

Tuition $550.00
Pre-Rabies Vaccine* $650.00
Books $110.00
Lab Fees $75.00

NOTE: These costs are billed and paid for on registration day in September.

* Pre-Rabies vaccine can be obtained prior to attending MCFT. Proof of vaccination is needed to enter Advanced Diploma Program.

International student tuition - Please add an additional $550.00 for tuition

Fish & Wildlife Techniques III

Fourth Semester - January to April, 2nd Year

Tuition $550.00
Books $110.00
Lab Fee $100.00
TOTAL $765.00

NOTE: These costs are billed and paid for on Registration day in January.

International student tuition - Please add an additional $550.00 for tuition.

Fish & Wildlife Techniques IV

Fourth Semester - Winter Wildlife Camp

Tuition $550.00
Lab Fees $75.00
TOTAL $625.00

NOTE: Fish & Wildlife Techniques IV is a 6 day/6 night camp

International student tuition - Please add an additional $550.00 for tuition

Advanced Diploma Students - When applying for a Student Loan for your second year of studies you should be sure to give the Tuition Fee as $8846.00 ($4756 Reg. Program plus $4090 Adv. Diploma Tuition 2nd Year). In addition, books are calculated at  $1226 instead of $816
for 2nd Year.

Late Payment Fees: There is a late payment fee of $100 which will be charged to accounts that are not paid within the 30 days from the date of registration or start of the semester. This late payment fee applies to all semesters. At the start of each semester the above down payment is due with the balance due within 30 days.

Note: If a student has a Student Loan which will cover the down payment then the down payment is not required. We must have a copy of the Student Loan.


Tuition: If a student withdraws before September 30th a full tuition refund will be granted.
Between October 01st and 15th, half the tuition will be refunded and after October 15th,
no refund on tuition will be granted.

Residence & Meals: A cancellation fee of $100.00 is charged to those students who move out of residence prior to the end of the semester and before the 30 day deadline. Students who leave residence but remain in the program will be charged for a minimum of 4 weeks for residence and meals. No refunds granted for residence and meals plans within 30 days to the end of the semester. 

Books & Student Fees: No refunds are granted at any time.